Reward your Employees with Travel

Attract top talent, create an excited workforce, and keep them around for the long haul.

Show your team you care

We partner with companies that want to create a culture that rewards hard work with meaningful experiences. We'll help your company set a matching level that also increases productivity and employee loyalty, so everyone wins!

Win top talent

Incentivize new hires with a unique benefits option

Motivate employees

Reward hard work with unique travel experiences

Boost company image

Show everyone your company thinks towards the future

One-of-a-kind benefits package

Easy to use

Manage travel benefits and employee rewards with our simple dashboard

Flexible matching

No matter your size or budget, we'll help you craft the right plan

Personalized trips

Forget cookie-cutter trips. We only offer one-of-a-kind experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is tripsushi?
    Tripsushi is an online travel planning and booking site built for the modern traveler. Travelers can easily build trips based on their preferences and personality and book everything in 1 click.
  • Who is eligible for tripsushi’s Travel as a Benefit program?
    Tripsushi’s Travel as a Benefit program is available for any sized company.
  • What does it cost?
    Pricing varies dependent on the number of employees at your company. Please inquire for an accurate estimate.
  • How does tripsushi’s Travel as a Benefit program work?
    Companies choose how much they want to match employees savings for vacations, then that amount is automatically deducted from their paycheck and deposited into a secure vacation savings fund.
  • How do trip bookings work?
    Our travel associates will work directly with your employees to help build them the perfect vacation. When their savings goal is met, the money from their savings fund is used to purchase the trip in full.
  • Need more help?
    Contact with any additional questions.

Want to share the gift of travel?

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